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Renato Fucini Municipal Library

A good part of the “Renato Fucini” Municipal Library is located in the Agostiniani Convent Complex and offers a wide range of services to the public, for all age groups and various cultural requirements.


The collections range from early books for young children to Italian and foreign literature, with a section of foreign language publications (English, French, Spanish…), comic strips, DIY manuals, non-fiction and materials for continuing education and self-learning. A rich multimedia section offers DVDs, VHS tapes, music CDs and E-BOOKs.
Of considerable importance is the collection of ancient documents, which are still consulted by academics and are put on display when specific valorisation work takes place.
The catalogue of sixteenth-century editions can be consulted online:

The history of the library is also interesting, as is that of the ancient collection and the special collections, as well as that of the individuals who determined its origins and its development. There is also a substantial series of documents in digital format:

The library adheres to the Library System.
Online catalogue:

Via Cavour, 36 - 50053 Empoli
Tel. 0571 757840
Winter opening hours: Mon - Fri 9:00 - 19:00; Sat 9:00 - 13:00.
Services and activities (guided tours, didactic workshops for schools, cultural initiatives: see the


Historical archives

The Historical Archive of the Municipality of Empoli contains documents from the municipal archive (Pre-unification section and Post-unification section), from other bodies and aggregates and also documents from the archives of the Salvagnoli family, who later became the Salvagnoli Marchetti family, and from the Vanucci Zauli family archives. Specific inventories are also available.


Also located here is the "Rina Chiarini and Remo Scappini" Centre of Documentation on Antifascism, the Resistance Movement and Contemporary History in the Empoli area, as well as the Centre of Documentation on Glass, the first nucleus of the Glass Museum.
Access to the Historical Archive is free, once you have filled out a special form; to consult the archive documents you need to provide a valid ID document.
It also exists as a place of learning activities and cultural initiatives, among which the traditional Fridays at the Archive.

Via Torricelli, 58A - 50053 Empoli
Tel. 0571 757858
Temporary opening hours: Tuesday 14:30 - 18:00; Friday 8:30 - 13:00 and by appointment.
Services and activities (guided tours, didactic workshops for schools and for families, exhibition activities, cultural initiatives: ApritiCentro calendar)