Jacopo Carucci, il Pontormo

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Jacopo Carucci (Carrucci), known as il Pontormo (Pontorme, near Empoli, 1494 - Florence 1557).

One of the most representative artists of the late Renaissance period, of the so-called "prima maniera", which preannounced the Mannerism period of art. His works are on show at the most important museums and art galleries in the world and they were greatly appreciated by Michelangelo. In them, flashes of melancholy genius are reflected, as well as the introspective restlessness of an age of deep contradictions and religious fights, such as the emerging Counter-Reformation. His main followers were Bronzino and Battista Naldini.

In Pontorme, the House where the artist was born has been renovated by the Municipality of Empoli and contains, on loan from the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most precious sixteenth-century copies of the Madonna del Libro (Madonna of the Book), a lost work by Pontormo.

Works by Pontormo can be found in the area, forming an ideal “Pontormian” itinerary, not only in the Church of San Michele in Pontorme, a short walk from the  House where the artist was born and where his paintings of Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint John the Evangelist can be seen, but also in the Church of San Michele in Carmignano, where the beautiful Visitation is on show, as well as others in Villa di Poggo in Caiano and in the Certosa of Galluzzo.